Power Restore – All Level Restorative Yoga – No Heat

60 minutes

Join us for Power Restore to literally restore the body and mind! This practice is Yin yoga, which works deeply into the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and fascia) to heal joints and increase flexibility through slow, gentle and sustained traction. Yin yoga focuses on slowly stretching the connective tissues around joints, which in turn also helps to strengthen them. This practice works with cool muscles, versus muscles that have been warmed up. This allows the focus to move from the belly of the muscles to the tissues around the joints and fascia, which is the thin spider web-like tissue running through the entire body. Power Restore is practiced slowly and quietly with a calm breath versus a more fast paced class. Come relax, rejuvenate and restore!

"Restore literally does just that, restores my well being, makes me feel sane, and helps me realize how important mind, body and spirit well-being is!!!"
- Angie Elliott, 51, Indianola

Power Restore

"I have been doing restore for 2 1/2 years now, I have gotten more flexible and less injuries being that I am a marathon runner. So if you're trying to recover from a minor injury or gain flexibility then restore is for you."
- Richard Mockobee, 47, Norwalk