Acro Yoga 1 – All Level Acro Yoga – 80-85°

60 minutes

Come fly with us! All levels, even beginners, are welcome and encouraged to have fun in this playful workshop-style class that includes inversion training and partner yoga. Build core strength, get upside down and work together in partner and group poses while being introduced to foundational acrobatic flying yoga and Acro Yoga therapeutics. No partner is required as we will be mixing the group up throughout class. Acro Yoga is all about community so come fly and connect with others!

Want to learn more Acro Yoga? Check out this short video, where our Acro Yoga teachers, Tiffany and Brent, answer many of the questions beginners have before their first class.

Acro Yoga 1

"By the end of class you are doing something incredible and you feel safe, prepared, and able to do it!"
- Janssen Judge, 26